Groups held throughout the year

Sibshops® is a fun-filled, interactive experience designed to affirm and support siblings ages 8-12, of those with special needs. Based on the national model, Sibshops® by Don Meyer, promotes interaction with others experiencing similar situations and feelings.

If you missed the May 2009 Lakeland Ledger article, read it now.

Sibling Support Project website.


  • Providing siblings an opportunity to meet other siblings in a relaxed, recreational setting
  • Providing siblings with opportunities to discuss common joys and concerns with others siblings
  • Providing siblings with an opportunity to learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings of children with special needs
  • Providing siblings with an opportunity to learn more about the implications of their siblings’ special needs.
  • Providing parents and other professionals with opportunities to learn more about the concerns and opportunities frequently experienced by siblings


Ages: 8-12

Sessions: One hour groups held throughout the year

Group Size: 6 minimum to 12 maximum

Cost: $25 per session per child payable at first session. Family discount available for 2 or more family members attending. Package deals include pre-registering and pre-paying for advanced sessions; 3 sessions at $65.00 and 5 sessions for $99.00. Scholarships through CARD and Early Steps may be available, please contact us for additional information.

Donna Grosser

I began my journey into working with special needs children many years ago when my younger brother was born. My brother has High Functioning Autism. He is now a 42 year old marvel, working and living independently and very successfully. He has achieved a quality of life that is admirable and he is quite happy in his day to day living and relationships. As his sibling, I grew up with many of the same feelings and experiences many of the families I work with have expressed.

It has always been a desire of mine to provide a group for the siblings of the children and families I with whom I work. Many of these families have asked me frequently if I could provide this. Their children are in my office with their parents often, wishing they would get a turn too, playing and talking. I am experienced with facilitating groups as I offer many social skills groups every year as well as other groups such as study skills, divorce, and anger management.

As stated earlier, my mission is to provide siblings a place to meet, share, be affirmed, and interact with others with this common experience.

I am a certified group leader for Sibshops®. My overall goal is for this to be an ongoing group, open to new and old members each time it is offered, and to provide a community service we do not currently have available.