Autism Spectrum


Family Autism Remediation

We offer many services to families and individuals dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our approach is individualized to fit each family and their needs. Our primary approach is to coach parents using a developmental model. We recognize that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are often missing skills needed to develop relationships, interact with others and handle social situations.

Through our approach we combine current research to address the deficits seen in many with ASD, including flexible thinking, assessing social situations, communicating and referencing others’ communication, self-regulating, and interacting in a back and forth manner with others. Through a variety of means, parents are empowered to learn how to interact with their child within their daily routine in ways that encourage and promote learning opportunities to their child to develop these building blocks to success and progress.

We have had many successes at Family Learning Solutions with our approach and encourage you to call and see how we can help you.

Social Skills Groups

All age groups are offered 3 and up. If we do not currently have a group to fit your needs, we will work to develop a group that works for your child.

For those individuals who are not yet ready for group work, we will work individually with them following a similar structure to build competence and success until they can be incorporated into a peer group.

Groups consist of fun activities designed to promote relationship building, i.e. conversation circles, collaborative projects, simple to complex board games and group games, interactive activities, role-playing, and peer feedback.

Skills that are addressed range based on age but include joint attention, referencing a peer, working with a partner, friendship building, conversation, taking turns, playing a game, pretend play with a peer, joining in, good sportsmanship, and handling conflict.

Behavior Planning Assistance

A thorough analysis is done to assess an promote an understanding of your child’s behavior as well as developing strategies and techniques to manage and remediate. Social stories, applied behavior principles, sensory strategies, communication techniques, relationship building and positive behavior concepts are employed and custom-designed to fit your child’s unique temperament and abilities.