Anger Management

We see it often, children who never learn to manage their anger can grow up to face huge problems. It is critical to help your child learn to deal with their negative emotions in appropriate ways from an early age. The earlier they are taught appropriate ways to deal with their anger, the more peaceful your home will be. While toddlers are bound to have outbursts and tantrums, even they are not to young to learn a bit of self control.

Very Young Children

Every parent with young children knows that they are still learning to control their tempers, especially in public. As parents, we want to assist our child to learn how to control their anger. While it is important for you to remain calm during tantrums and outbursts, you also must be firm and consistent in the discipline you use so your child will take you seriously. Young children anger management suggestions include timeouts and using distraction to guide little ones from outbursts when they threaten to turn ugly.

Teen Age Children

Learn to be a good listener to your teen-age child. Ask your son or daughter about their day at school, friends, social activities, and concerns or problems. When you see that they are visibly upset about something you can help them learn to be calm by calmly encouraging them to discuss the problem. Teach them they have choices other than anger by suggesting alternatives to the situation that is upsetting them.

Kids learn from example and if they see a balance from you, they are more likely to emulate a positive behavior. Let your teenagers know that as they mature, they must become responsible for managing emotions, including anger, in adult-like ways that are socially acceptable.