Christmas Ideas

It’s that time again of year again, where we are all making our lists and checking them twice. I’d like to make some recommendations on toys/games that can help your child develop higher level thinking skills, increase auditory and verbal processing skills, expand attention, improve attention, improve interaction, and improve academics. Not every game does all of these, but many of them help in several of these areas.

Games: Qwerkle, What Am I?, Guess Who, Pictureka, Secret Square, Blink, Hyperdash, Hullabaloo, Bop It, Simon, Uno Stacko, Battleship, Checkers/Chess (teach the strategy you are using), Connect 4, Charades for Kids, Cranium, Cadoo

Toys: Puzzles, Playdough, Mazes, Marble tracks (building toy), Puppets, Bubbles, Beanbags, Velcro paddles and ball catch, Zoom Ball, Coloring books

Also look at for some great workbooks for thinking skills.

You will notice that I didn’t include video games or computer games on here. The only ones I’d recommend are the Wii Sports games that include movement and interaction. Too many children are glued into their electronics to the determent of interacting with others. If your child has any social difficulties especially, go for the more interactive games and toys to provide opportunities to interact. That is how they will improve and learn!

This list is by no means exclusive, butthese are all things that will promote thinking, interaction, and processing. Email me if you have questions on anything.

Happy shopping!