Grateful for the Simple Things

Most of us spend time beating ourselves up over the things we do wrong with our children, or not spending enough time with them, or being patient with them, or…the list goes on and on. But in this month of Thanksgiving, recognize and be grateful for the simple things you do everyday and don’t even realize. Being there every day, providing a routine, having food on the table and a roof overhead, teaching manners, being consistent, following through, having high expectations, being your child’s advocate, giving hugs and kisses, loving unconditionally, and most of all just being someone your children can count on day after day. Too many children are not lucky enough to have this. It’s these simple things, that take us so much time but we do without even thinking,- because after all isn’t that what parents do -that are the most important. So today, give thanks for yourself and the job you are doing, because the simple things are the important things! And at the end of a tough day, those are the words of gratitude you can say- today I gave my child the simple things! Happy Thanksgiving! I celebrate all those great parents out there, that I see day after day, doing the simple things!