Social Thinking- My New Favorite ASD Book


Periodically we will be sharing some of the books referenced and recommended the most by us. The Social Thinking Curriculum by Michelle Garcia and Stephanie Madrigal is one of those books. This series of books comes from their site Social Thinking. The authors break down the behaviors that are an obstacle to friendships and social skills into The Unthinkables. These are villainous characters presented in a cartoon form who cause the behaviors most commonly seen in those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Superflex is the hero who comes to the rescue with flexible ideas to use to prevent the Unthinkables from taking over. Children learn to be whole body listeners, what is expected and unexpected behavior with others, how to be a social detective, and how to be a social thinker. Children love it and can relate to it. It is user friendly and a great cueing system to use with your child in identifying particular quirky behaviors and strategies to defeat those behaviors. We tend to somewhat Rock Brain on this ourselves as we are seeing many of our children at FLS benefit from the lessons and applications of Social Thinking. Check it and related books out on Amazon at